SANY hydraulic excavators are precision-engineered digging tools built with industry-leading technology and highest-grade components to offer you maximum job site productivity.

Our engines deliver top performance and tremendous power, with increased fuel efficiency and low emissions. Multiple working modes, intelligent control systems and a variety of attachments and parts allow versatile operation in all kinds of work environments.

Whether it’s mining, road building, civil engineering, or general construction, SANY excavators are ready and able to get the job done.

Crawler Excavators

SANY excavators range from mini, small, medium to large. SANY small excavators ranging from 5 ton to 16 ton are reliable, durable, efficient and easy to maintain, helping customers make high profit. Reinforced boom, reinforced bucket and high-strength track frame make our excavators capable of working stably for long hours and in harsh environment. SANY compact excavators are designed to facilitate the daily maintenance, allowing easy access to air cleaner, engine oil filter elements and pilot filter elements.

SANY medium excavator ranging from 20-34t makes exceptional choices for customers. The medium-sized excavators with proved hydraulic components, heavy duty structure and robust undercarriage ensure stable performance for long working hours in harsh working conditions. Remote monitoring system checks the excavator dynamic performance in real time and diagnoses its fault remotely.

SANY mini excavators from 1.6t-3.5t featured by high reliability, easy maintenance and low consumption can operate in narrow and various working conditions. Load-sensitivity flow distribution system senses micro changes of the load and adjusts flow and pressure in real time, an almost perfect meticulous process. Extensible frame, deflective boom and exchangeable track ensure the zero- tail mini excavator offers reliable performance.

SANY big excavator ranging from 35t-80t is a reliable partner for heavy-load excavating in mining and large infrastructure construction, such as airport and water conservancy. Customized engine, fast digging speed, low energy loss and auto deceleration system make our large excavators efficient and economical. Remote monitoring system checks the excavator dynamic performance in real time and diagnoses its fault remotely.


Wheeled Excavator

SANY excavators are definitely your best choice for various earthmoving projects if you are looking for a machine featuring energy-saving, high efficiency, superb reliability, long service life, comfort in operation and most importantly, safety. For over thirty years, we have never stopped our pace in technological innovation and improving the operating experience for our customers. SANY excavators help you get most out of your investment.



SANY wheel loader features high output, excellent productivity and fuel efficiency. World-class main components such as engine and gearbox and well-tested reinforced structure guarantee high quality and reliability of the wheel loaders. With smooth gear shift, spacious cab, excellent visibility, and ergonomic design, our machines offer a comfortable operating experience for operators. SANY wheel loaders are exceptional choices for earthmoving work and stonework construction.