Rhombus Industrialized Building Systems (RIBS)

Rhombus Industrialized Building System (RIBS) designs and manufactures concrete building components off-site then assemble and supplies them to site for construction works.

Our scope ranges from commercial, industrial, high end residential to decent low cost/affordable mixed residential housing complexes.

In a bid to reduce the cost of construction and realize the dream of supplying over 35,000 affordable housing units into the market by 2021, we have adopted the precast technology working closely with like-minded partner organizations in East Africa and beyond. Precast is a modular building system based on ready- made, factory-manufactured components and intelligent connections. It provides a way to design and construct a sufficient number of suitable homes to meet the needs of city dwellers in a reasonable time-frame and at a reasonable cost.

Compared to traditional-cast in-situ, pre-cast uses less cement, water, steel and labor. Most of the work is transferred from the site to a safe and controlled, automated factory environment. This result in improved productivity and minimal logistics: precast products can be transported to a site ready-to- install.

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The most common precast products include:

Hollow-core slabs

Wall elements from sandwich to gray walls

Partition walls

Building foundations with precast concrete piles

Beams and columns for structural frames

Benefits of precast

Controlled quality
Long service life
Low maintenance costs
Flexibility in design.