Mining Machinery

SANY mining machinery could meet all your requirements if you are looking for efficient, reliable and robust machines and low operation cost. Our mining equipment adopts genuine components provided by world famous manufacturers and advanced technologies, your best choice at demanding job sites. Brand new design of lightweight and hydraulic oil tank improves fuel efficiency. Our intelligent fault-diagnosis technique monitors the mining machinery real time, supporting projects progress.

Mining Truck

SANY mining truck delivers high safety, reliability, durability, comfort standards and low cost. SRT series off- highway truck is the star product of SANY mining machinery and its loading capacity ranges from 33t to 95t. World-class components, advanced technologies, brand new design of lightweight and hydraulic oil tank guarantee our machines’ top quality and low fuel consumption. Our mining trucks will meet all your requirements and help you make profit.


Road header

Road header is a combined machine which could realize cutting, loading, conveyor, automatic moving, spreading fog and cleaning dust. SANY Road header’s power of cutter is from 100kw to 418kw. Hardness of cutting rock is from f4 to f10. Standard of internal quality control of SANY road header is higher than the level of similar industry equipment. SANY road header has became the leader of industry with more than 4000 units selling and occupying above 50% of market share, and already exported to Russia, Ukraine, Laos and Pakistan. Etc. Our core technology is leading development of industry. The top-level R&D team could provide high level solution to appreciate customer.