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Rhombus welcomes new supply of SANY excavators

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Rhombus construction received a new supply of the SY215C, SY245H & SY335C SANY Hydraulic excavators from SANY Headquarters in Changsha China. This is in line with the signing of heavy machinery dealership with Rhombus in 2018, which would among other things see the construction company supply SANY excavators, concrete machinery and road machinery in East Africa

The SANY excavators whose popularity has grown immensely over the last 2 years are built with industry-leading technology and highest-grade components to offer maximum job site productivity. The excavator engines deliver top performance and tremendous power, with increased fuel efficiency and low emissions.

SANY excavators are also ideal for multiple working modes, with intelligent control systems and a variety of attachments and parts that allow versatile operation in all kinds of work environments; whether it’s mining, road building, civil engineering, or general construction.

Speaking while receiving the equipment at the SANY showroom along Mombasa Road, Rhombus Construction Managing Director Ms. Carolyne Githingi reiterated the strength and adaptability of SANY excavators to the local terrain as the key feature that has boosted its popularity and sales in the region. Other SANY equipment in stock includes Excavators, Truck Mixers, Rollers, Motor Graders, Trailer Mounted Concrete Pumps and a Line Pump.

To sample the available excavators and other SANY Equipment, visit the Rhombus-SANY showroom at Crater Automobiles Complex along Mombasa Road, Nairobi or email sales@rhombus.ke

Kenya dealer for SANY heavy machinery receives new motor grader supply

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Rhombus Construction last week received a new shipment of SANY motor graders of model STG190C-8 at their Crater Automobiles showroom, off Mombasa Road in Nairobi. The shipment arrives after delivery of truck mixers earlier this month.

SANY Motor Grader at the Crater Automobiles showroom in Nairobi

Rhombus is the authorized dealer for SANY Heavy Plant & Equipment in East Africa, after signing a lucrative deal with the Chinese multinational in September 2018.
The motor graders are essential road machinery used for cutting, spreading and leveling material, particularly during road and bridge construction works.

Delivery of SANY Motor Grader at the Crater Automobiles showroom in Nairobi

Speaking while receiving the new shipment, Head of Sales & Marketing Mr. Victor Marangu reiterated the increasing reliance of SANY heavy machinery for local road & building construction solutions, “We were here last week receiving the shipment of SANY concrete truck mixers and a week later, you can now see a new delivery for motor graders. SANY machinery is reliable. Business is good, our clients are happy, and we are playing our part in transforming the African landscape.” he noted.

SANY Motor Graders delivered at the Crater Automobiles showroom in Nairobi

SANY motor grader is designed to offer customers maximum leveling performance with enhanced strength is able to generate higher productivity. Equipped with a highly responsive load- sensing hydraulic system, the motor grader can achieve high-precision motion control. The specially-designed auto oil spraying technology avoids the asphalt sticking to tires, saving money and trouble-free.
To sample the available motor graders and other SANY road machinery, visit the Rhombus-SANY showhouse at Crater Automobiles Complex along Mombasa Road, Nairobi or email sales@rhombus.ke

New supply of SANY truck mixers indication of growing local demand

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Considering the increase in building and road construction works, Rhombus, the authorized dealer for SANY heavy plant and equipment has boosted its fast moving stock with a new supply of single and double steering wheel SANY truck mixers.


Concrete Truck Mixers at the showroom

The truck mixers are equipped with ultra-high strength integrated auxiliary frame, ensuring its stability,3-section folded blade, innovative ball-crown structure, and rear taper flushing device setting to lower the residue rate at discharge port.

Speaking while receiving the new delivery, Head of Sales & Marketing Victor Marangu reiterated the quality and efficiency of the truck mixers to local contractors, citing high demand for the new supply.

“SANY concrete machinery are becoming very popular in Kenya and the region. Today, it is not just the excavators and graders, truck mixers are equally fast moving in the local market, an indication of the trust that contractors are bestowing on SANY equipment.” he noted.


Expansive view of SANY Truck Mixers at the showroom

To sample the SANY concrete machinery, visit our showroom at Crater Automobiles Complex along Mombasa Road in Nairobi or email sales@rhombus.ke